About us

Welcome to BBQ

Pit Master Brian and his wife, Cyndi, have been happily hosting parties since they were married in 2011. Among their favorites was the “garage BBQ”. Brian would string lights throughout his garage and invite family, friends and neighbors over to enjoy some good eats. After watching the movie “Chef”, Brian became interested in smoking meats. He started watching Master Classes from Aaron Franklin and decided to smoke a pork butt and, of course, invite everyone over to try! That was all it took! After some really exciting life changes (a baby girl and a new home) Brian and Cyndi amped up their cookouts, menu and entertaining space. After some catering opportunities and rave reviews, Bearded Baby Que was born. Brian loves his beard, his baby girl Olivia and barbeque. Brian is the Pit Master, Cyndi heads up social media and back end operations and Olivia helps her Daddy stack wood in his wood shed!
Located in rural Sussex County, Bearded Baby Que is excited to serve up some Texas style BBQ to New Jersey. The laid back vibe of an outdoor BBQ mixed with family (and an edgy, rustic beard) is where it’s at for this dynamic trio.