Our Menu


Seasoned to perfection and smoked for 12 hours, delivering a delicious smokey flavor that is second to none.

Pork Ribs

Full sized pork spare ribs. Smoked for 3 hours before being sauced and wrapped for 2 more. These ribs are tender, delicious and fall off the bone

Pulled Pork

Nothing better than a bone-in pork butt (actually the shoulder) smoked for 10 hours, giving you succulent, moist, pull apart pork. Great for sandwiches or all on its own


Boneless Turkey breast seasoned and smoked to juicy perfection, giving this bird an amazing flavor.

Beef Ribs

Also known as “dinosaur ribs”. These beauties are seasoned, smoked for 6 hours and perfect for your inner Fred Flintstone!


Smoked Beef Beans

Slow cooked pinto beans with a mild spicy kick. Shredded smoked beef take these beans to the next level

Bearded Mac and Cheese

Pasta combined with our original recipe cheese sauce, topped with buttered bread crumbs and baked to a golden brown.

Cyndi's Slaw

Fresh crisp cabbage combined with Cyndi’s homemade dressing. This slaw goes great on a pulled pork sandwich or on the plate as a side.


Homemade classic pickles, hot pickles, jalapeños and red onion.



Made from scratch this tangy sauce goes perfect with all of our pork items. Inspired by Carolina vinegar sauce, ours is a ketchup based sauce and features Apple Cider Vinegar, brown sugar, onions and garlic.


This robust sauce is also ketchup based, but offers deeper flavors perfect for brisket, beef ribs or any other type of beef….plus its made with espresso.